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I don't even know where to start on this amazing place. I stay here every time I go to Japan and it has become my home away from home, I love it so much! I can pretty much find whatever I want to here, I know my away around it so well (but in the big scheme of things I know nothing about Shinjuku lol). There is so much going on here and so much to do that even living here couldn't scratch the surface. I think Shinjuku is the best place to have a "home base" in Tokyo because it is pretty mellow but there is also Kabuki-cho (the red light district) in case you want to party. The JR station is also HUGE and you can pretty much get anywhere from here. We stayed at the Tokyo Hilton for the majority of the trip which is a very nice hotel and has a great breakfast buffet if you are yearning for some comfort food from home. We did so much here that I can't even get into too much of it but I will talk about some fun stuff we did in Shinjuku. One of the best nights was when Johnny and I just went out exploring and scootering on the east side of the hotel (away from the station). We just cruised around with no camera gear or anything and saw some cool shit, this random dog just followed us around for a while and we just got to scooter and have fun, it was very relaxing. Shomben Yokocho or better known as Piss Alley has some of the very best food in Shinjuku! It is right by the West Exit of the JR station and it looks like a pre-war tokyo, just a little alley lined with yakitori (skewered meat) and ramen stands! The best place to get a cold beer and some food in Shinjuku! It is getting torn down soon so if you have a chance try and make it there!!!! After walking around for a while we found these record shops called "Disk Union" and they had a seperate store for almost every genre of music! Johnny spent most of his time in the electronic/house store and I spent a ton of time in the punk/hardcore store. I found a lot of cool records including an RKL LP which is really fucking sweet! As I was browsing for vinyl they put on Internal Affairs new EP "Deadly Visions" !!!! As I was checking out I noticed a flyer that said IA had played the night before and I had no fucking clue :( The Japanese love hardcore and punk so you can find almost anything you could ever hope for there, next time I go I hope to go to a show. The Park Hyatt is the other hotel I always spend the last two nights in, it is soooo nice and the atmosphere is so cool. We stayed on the 51st floor this time and it had an amazing view facing downtown Shinjuku. We did some solid scootering on the 2nd to last day, we found a fun little hip to mess around on, I ate shit infront of a bunch of kids but whatever.....On our last night in Japan we ate at Shomben Yokocho and then went to club YELLOW to see mother fucking Mark Farina spin at his record release party! He really knows how to throw it down, we danced and drank all night and finally got back to the Hyatt and left the next morning :(

View from the Hyatt at night:

HDR of Shinjuku

Hilton room on the 20th floor

One of the 2 elevators in the Hyatt

Just outside the Hyatt



Club Sega Love

Haha this camera store was really cool but on the elevator back down this old guy just straight up farted and didn't care, was fucking hilarious!

Getting ready to leave for Mark Farina

Train from NRT to Shinjuku station

Shinjuku Club Sega Locals!

Shinjuku Hilton



Pano from the hyatt



Little pet store by Piss Alley


If you see this then the Piss Alley is just across the street!


Too many buttons for a toilet...

"Don't worry it's $28....."

DoCoMo building

Crappy pano of our room

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Lauren said...

ah I loved Shinjuku, what a great place to stay in Tokyo. You had a MUCH better hotel room/view then I did, though.

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