Monday, July 30, 2007


Yokohama is always fun, Shige's shop is there ( and Horiyoshi's tattoo studio and museum is there as well! We had a good time here, but we soon found out that Bo does not do well with heat at all and can't stand just wandering around so he go pretty mad haha. Johnny and I just wanted to scooter around and find shit, but Bo did not at all. We went by Horiyoshi's tattoo museum but it was closed, but no biggy as I had been there twice before and Johnny and Bo didn't really care to go anyway. We didn't go to China town this time cause I have been there before a couple of times and didn't really feel like going again but if you have never been I highly suggest going.

View from just outside of Yellow Blaze:

We were all in a bad mood from not eating all day so we went to the TGIF Friday's right outside of the Yokohama Station. Our waiter was so fucking cool, all he wanted to do was talk with us even though he didn't know english that well. Bo ordered some pasta dish and it was taking a long time to cook so he went into the kitchen and took a picture of the girl cooking it and showed us. He kept taking pics of us with his phone so I got a pic of him with Bo and Johnny and he brought along the girl cooking our food. They were cool as fuck.

Johnny and I loved these random stores that were like 7 stories tall and had everything you could ever imagine in them!

Airsoft anyone?

Just incase you want to buy some costumes while you are playing video games....

Fuck yea!

If you've seen The Killers music video for Read my Mind you will remember this guy:

Oldschool skate shop:

Pepsi > Coke

Horiyoshi's tattoo museum!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Known for it's electronics! We saw a lot of cool stuff here, new phones, new cameras, new computers, new everything! If it needs power or batteries, you can find it here! Yobadashi Akiba was huge, something like 9 floors of nothing but gadgets! I also got some real boba, it was good.

A lot of people checking out the PS3 booth....

Not so many at the Wii booth...


This one was smaller, not sure why we didn't get a picture infront of the huge one...

Look at the monitor...

Boku wa maneki-neko ga daisuki desu!

This thing was kinda like the Nintendo Wii, except it seemed to be just for working out.

I really should have bought one of these....

And one of these


Sweet ass spot to go fishing!

I want one of these mopeds...

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