Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 2 - Shinonome and Shibuya

Day 2- Shinonome/Shibuya

We decided we didn't want to do anything to gnarly as we were still adjusting. So we woke up and got the breakfast buffet downstairs at the Hilton. We then got on the train to head to Shinonome to go to the famous Super Autobacs (I think the Rinkai Line takes you there). We got there before they opened so we walked around and there really wasn't much to see 
so we just headed back to Autobacs to wait around. There is so much cool stuff in Autobacs! They have strut bars, wheels, seats, and all kinds of stuff just in stock. Say you need a strut bar for a 2002 WRX? It's on Aisle 5....We bought a lot of cool magazines and random little nick nacs here. It's definetly worth visiting.

I LOVE THESE! I live off this stuff everytime I come to Japan.


On our way back from Shinonome we decided we weren't tired yet and so we got off at Shibuya. We walked all over the fucking place with no real reason, we stopped for lunch at an italian reasturant and then headed back to Shinjuku.

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